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Alliance Project Management






Bidding Direct-The Prime Option



Change Orders








Financial Tools for the SMACNA Contractor









Guide to Determining Shop Burden






HVAC Contractors' Guide to Bidding Green Building Projects







HVAC Systems: Understanding the Basics







Sheet Metal Made Lean & Clean






SMACNA Guide to Cost Recovery for Sheet Metal & HVAC Equipment





Supervisors' Logbook






TQM Guide



1st Edition, 1998, 225 pages: Developed by the Mechanical-Electrical-Sheet Metal Alliance, the Alliance Project Management Manual covers 44 major steps in the project management process. It also contains over 100 sample project management forms and checklists. The manual may be used as a desk reference for project managers and, as an evaluation tool which contractors can use to review and modify their current project management procedures and make improvements. It is the most comprehensive project management resource available in the industry.

1st Edition, 1993, 24 pages: A 24-page pamphlet outlining the issues that need to be addressed when considering bidding direct as a contract option.

2nd Edition, 1989, 40 pages: Presents the reasons for change orders, describes the type of change orders and assesses the risk of change orders. Guidelines are provided for pricing and for selling the change order.

1st Edition, 2004, 105 pages: Financial Tools for SMACNA Contractors bridges the gap between the construction operations and the business functions of a company. It teaches fundamental financial concepts and provides information to apply the concepts in today's business world. The book covers such toppics as interpreting financial statements, accounting practices, work in process, job cost accounting, financial analysis and indicators, projections and budgets, effective use of credit, protecting company, assets and information, and making decisions in volatile conditions. In Financial Tools for SMACNA Contactors the financial and management processes for a sheet metal company is broken down into three sections: 1) the foundation - getting the basics right and on time, 2) the structure - understanding where you are and looking at the road ahead and 3) the process - making decisions and overcoming road blocks.

1st Edition, 1995, 8 pages: SMACNA's Guide to Determining Shop Burden is based on a study of SMACNA Contractors and is designed to provide the industry with a better understanding of shop burden costs in sheet metal and HVAC operations. The booklet explains the uniqueness of the market, provides examples of shop burden costs - including lists of what should considered as part of this expense. The publication also incudes basic formulas used in the industry for recovering shop burden costs.

2nd Edition, 2009, 40 pages: HVAC contracting firms interested in successfully bidding green building construction projects must be aware of additional requirements if the project is design-build, construction, commissioning, closeout and warranty period. This guide introduces HVAC contracting firm personnel to green building construction and provides information that will help them successfully bid green building construction projects. Updated to comply with LEED Version 3 (v3) green building rating systems.

1st Edition, 2009, 230 pages: SMACNA's HVAC Systems-Understanding the Basics is a comprehensive non-technical manual written to provide an overview of HVAC systems used in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. The manual addresses HVAC System Basics, Central Heating and Central Cooling Equipment, Hydronic and Air Distribution Systems, Central HVAC Systems, HVAC System Controls and the components that comprise these systems. This manual can be used for self-study, group training, or reference.

1st Edition, 1999, 28 pages:This guide is an introduction to owners, managers and workers in sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing shops to the principles and methods of lean production. It defines the application of lean production to sheet metal shop operations and provides the reader with an assortment of tools to begin the process of making their shop operations more efficient.

3rd Edition, 2008, 80 pages: The SMACNA Guide to Cost Recovery for Sheet Metal & HVAC Equipment is a comprehensive, current guide to cost recovery for owned equipment. The rates in this manual are intended as guidelines paralleling amounts an equipment owner should charge during rental or contractual periods to recover equipment-related costs on a single-shift basis.

The Supervisors Logbook will help foreman and supervisors properly document document projects and could save contractors thousands of dollars in claims. This 72-page book contains forms for a Daily/Weekly Project Report, Weekly Job and Shop Safety Checklist, Scope of Work Checklist, Project Data and Emergency Telephone Numbers List.

1st Edition, 1993, 111 pages: Responding to members' needs and requests, SMACNA developed its first Guide for Implementation of Total Quality Management for S/M & A/C Contractors. This Guide helps members understand the benefits of continuous improvement and the role and responsibilities of CEO's in leading the TQM effort in their companies.


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