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Confined Space Video


Construction Safety Checklist



Current Safety and Health Issues in Fiberglass


Environmental Risk Management for SMACNA Contractors



OSHA Field Inspection Reference Manual


Safety Poster Series



Guide to Safety Policy and Procedures Manual


HAZCOM Toolbox Talks



Press Brake Safety Compliance Kit



Safety Toolbox Talks Volume II


Safety Toolbox Talks Volume III



Safety Toolbox Talks Volume IV


Scaffold Compliance Manual



Guide to Fall Protection


Respiratory Protection Compliance Guide


Video Toolbox Talks



Guide to Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)


Guide to Personal Protective Equipment



1994: A 12-minute training video explaining OSHA's permit required Confined Space Standard. This Standard (29CFR 1910.146) requires employers to identify all permit-required confined spaces in their workplaces, prevent unauthorized entry into them, and protect authorized workers who work in designated confined spaces.

1st Edition, 2008, 20 pages: The Construction Safety Checklist can be used as a hazard assessment tool on most jobsites. The purpose of the checklists is to provide supervisors and foremen with an easy-to-use overview of construction safety and health issues that should be checked or inspected on a regular basis. The checklists come in booklets of 20, three part "carbon copy" forms to allow the person to keep the original, give a copy to others (GC, mechanical contractor, client, etc.) and also keep a "file" copy.

1st Edition, 1997, 24 pages: A booklet identifying current safety and health issues with the use of fiberglass. The booklet discusses the findings of several studies and provides SMACNA contractors with some general answers to questions about the use of fiberglass materials.

1st Edition, 1996, 36 pages: A manual designed to assist contractors involved in construction and sheet metal fabrication in developing policies, plans and practices to comply with environmental laws and regulations. Presents environmental requirements and compliance issues from a SMACNA contractor perspective. Covers several major issues of environmental compliance, such as developing a company environmental policy, assessing environmental risks, environmental impairment liability insurance, and community right to know.

1st Edition, 2000, 90 pages: This manual provides detailed information on the duties, responsibilities and procedures associated with the majority of OSHA Inspections conducted by OSHA Compliance Safety and Health Officers (CSHO).

1985: This series includes four posters (17" x 19")to be mounted in the work place. The safety subjects covered are: 1. Your Eyes from Becoming the Bull's Eye; 2. Leave Playing with Flames to the Fire Eater - Wear Your Welding Shield and Goggles; 3. A Messy Work Place Can Lead to a Real Comedy of Errors and Accidents; and 4. Ignoring Safety on Ladders and Scaffolds Is Like Walking a Tight Rope without a Net.

1st Edition, 1995, 108 Pages: This 108 page guide contains information on key safety and health issues, as well as an addendum containing a model compliance Program for the Hazard Communications Standard. Also included are a series of safety checklists, including sections on process safety management, welding and cutting electrical lockout, scaffolding and more.

1st Edition, 1995, 56 pages: This book contains 28 safety training Toolbox Talks covering the Hazard Communication Standard (the most frequently cited OSHA standard). Each talk is presented in a one-page tearout form which includes an attendance roster.

1st Edition, 1997, 48 pages: This kit consists of an employer's reference manual that contains all of the elements necessary for establishing an effective program of alternative methods of point of operation protection on power press brakes to comply with OSHA's compliance directive CPL 2-1.25. The manual contains a sample policy statement, provides a detailed program of safe operating procedures including photographs, and lists training requirements. Also contains a sample training certification form. The Safe Operating Procedures Training Video goes step-by-step through the safe operating procedures on the power press brake.

1st Edition, 1996, 228 pages: This book contains 100 toolbox talks covering a variety of hazardous exposures in the sheet metal industry. The talks allow a supervisor/trainer to present refresher safety training sessions on a weekly/daily basis. Attendance forms are included on the back of each talk to assist contractors with keeping training records.

1st Edition, 1998, 101 pages: This book contains 100 toolbox talks covering a variety of hazardous exposures in the sheet metal industry. The talks allow a supervisor/trainer to present refresher safety training sessions on a weekly/daily basis. Attendance forms are included on the back of each talk to assist contractors with keeping training records.

1st Edition, 2002, 101 pages: The latest volume in the series is a collection of 100 toolbox talks covering a number of topics within the sheet metal industry, both in the shop and on the jobsite. Each talk is provided with an attendance form on the back.

1st Edition, 1997, 88 pages: This manual covering the OSHA Standards for Scaffolds - Subpart L of the 1926 Standards for Construction provides a basic overview of this regulation. Contains specifics on some of the common scaffolds used in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry. Includes compliance checklists that can be used as jobsite inspection forms.

1st Edition, 1995, 98 pages: This compliance manual covers OSHA's fall protection standard for the construction industry. It contains a complete overview of the regulation, a training checklist and certification form, a glossary of terms, and a reprint of the OSHA regulation from the Federal Register. Twenty fall protection toolbox talks appear in the back of the manual.

1st Edition, 1998, 116 pages: Assists contractors in complying with the OSHA respiratory protection standard. Contains a sample program, training information, and compliance checklists. Contains informative toolbox talks to assist with refresher training.

1995: SMACNA has consolidated five of its safety training videos into one Toolbox Talks tape. The SMACNA Video Toolbox Talks includes the following: (1) "Building a Solid Base: Management's Role in Safety" (2) "Taking Charge: Safety and the Supervisor" (3) "On the Move: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls" (4) "Watch Your Step: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls" (5) "Headed for Safety: Before The Trip and On The Road"

1st Edition, 2000, 54 pages: This 54-page guide is designed to assist contractors in determining their need to control hazardous energy, as well as development of a hazardous energy control program. The manual contains toolbox talks, a copy of the OSHA standard on control of hazardous energy, and a program audit checklist in the appendices.

1st Edition, 1998, 90 pages: This SMACNA Personal Protective Equipment manual is a valuable resource for any contractor. This 85 page book contains everything needed for a personal protective equipment (PPE) program, including a sample policy statement, guides to choosing and purchasing the proper PPE, record keeping tables, and toolbox talks for training. No contractor should be without this SMACNA manual.


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