Qualified Rigger and Crane Training

Through the Qualified Rigger and Signal Person Training, students will learn the basics of crane operations.  Students will be educated on the basics of crane safety, including how to safely use slings, hitches and basic rigging equipment.  Students will also be taught the hand and voice commands associated with crane signals.

Fed OSHA 1926.1400, Cal OSHA 4999 Qualified Rigger standards & Fed OSHA 1910.184 - 1926.251 are covered along with practical demonstrations of site inspection crane signals and rigging applications. Students learn competent person knowledge of how to safely plan a crane project, basic rigging equipment used on crane s and how sto signal a crane properly with hand or voice commands. New, electrical power line clearances, proximity zones, tag-line rules, crane set-up and critical life operations are also taught.

Students will receive a "Qualified Rigger and Signal Person" wallet card upon successful completion of the course. The card will be good for 5 years.  Member Firms interested in Qualified Rigger and Signal Person Training should all Bay Area SMACNA at 510-635-8212 or e-mail info@bayareasmacna.org.

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